How to setup your payment and shipping information

To set-up your Shopify store payment option, Login to your store's Admin Dashboard. Click on Settings at the Left-hand main menu and select payment providers. 


There are different payment options available, depending on your county of sales. For the sake of this tutorial, we will show you how to set up the PayPal payment option.
After selecting the Payment provider in the Settings page, you will arrive at a page just like the one below;


Select the Paypal option and click on Activate. You will be redirected to your PayPal Account for signup and Authorization. After that, your Paypal will be connected to your store. 
Adding other payment options available to your country is quite easy and can be done within a minute. 

How to Add/Edit Shipping information
Go back to settings on your menu and select Shipping.



There are two options on how to sell your products online;
1. Free product with shipping fee
2. Paid product with free shipping

Always remember; you have to offer something for free to make your offer more appealing. 
If you decide to go to option 1, you have to set up your shipping information and rate. 
Note that if you're going for option 2, you don't have to set-up anything because you are not billing your client for shipping. 

For set-up option 1(Free product with shipping fee), this is what you need to do;
1. Shipping zones; The shipping zone is subdivided into two, DOMESTIC(within your country) and REST OF THE WORLD(International shipping).


To edit the rate for the domestic rate, click on EDIT 


There are different options, but let's look at a very important one; editing the weight based rate. To do this, click on ADD RATE  next to it. 


You can name this rate, set a minimum and maximum rate eg Minimum 0 maximum20
You can also set the Range amount. After editing, click on DONE to save.
You can create multiple rates with different Range and Rate Amounts.  
The same procedure applies when you are creating for the International shipping. That's it guys, good luck!

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