How to Integrate Uduala to woocommerce

Step 1:

Login to your WordPress backend area and click "Woocommerce".

Step 2:

Click "Settings"

Step 3: 

Click on "Advanced"


Step 4:
Click on "Rest API"

Step 5:
Click on "Add Key", 

Step 6: 

Set up the user account you're generating API Key for.

Choose the level of access for this API key( in permissions choose the option " Read/Write"

then click "Generate API Key"

Step 7:

Copy both the "consumer key" and "consumer secret"


Step 8:

Log in to your Uduala Account and click on "Account Settings"


Step 9:

Click "Yes" on the WooComerce option and paste the API keys, and copy shop URL from Your website and paste

Now that you've been able to integrate your Woo-commerce store to Uduala,
the next thing you will need to do is to post products from Uduala to your
Woo-commerce store.

Click Here to learn more about posting to your Woo-commerce store

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